Program Staff

Susan Bryer-Shelton

Energy Program Coordinator

Susan Bryer-Shelton manages the Solar Sonoma County program for Center for Climate Protection. Her focus areas include: Advocacy on behalf of residential and
commercial energy customers seeking to install rooftop solar on their properties, or who already generate solar energy and seek to learn more about the technology; development and support of a robust network of solar industry professionals locally,Susan Bryer-Shelton and monitoring legislation and policies that govern local distributed solar energy generation and communicating action ideas to our solar vendor members. 

Susan’s passion for environmental advocacy began decades ago with her work for the SolarCal Local Government Commission, under the guidance of Judy Corbett, visionary co-creator of the Village Homes solar subdivision in Davis. A 35 year resident of Sonoma County, Susan has worked as a fundraiser for county parks, a photovoltaic and electric vehicle entrepreneur, a Realtor, and a co-owner of a certified organic market garden. A 2011 fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Environment, she's the proud owner of a 7KW rooftop solar array and loves her Nissan Leaf -- bought through the 2016 Sonoma Clean Power Drive EV incentive program. | 707.654.4350

Solar Program Manager Emeritus Geoffrey D. Smith, M.A.

Geoffrey worked as an applications software engineer for over twenty years before shifting gears to work in the nonprofit field back in 2000, when the bubble burst. He served as Executive Director and Communications Director for two San Diego area land trusts, Conservation Program Coordinator for the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter, and Water Conservation Policy Advocate for the utility watchdog group Utility Consumers' Action Network (UCAN.) Geoffrey is also a renowned advocate for folding and cargo bicycles for zero-carbon commuting, touring and cargo-hauling. Geoffrey holds a B.A. in Biology from UCSD, an M.A. in Leadership and Nonprofit Management from the University of San Diego, is a 2012 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, and is a Certified California Naturalist.

Geoffrey attended elementary school at Santa Rosa's prestigious Proctor Terrace Elementary School in the 1960s, and fondly remembers the bright sunny days he enjoyed then. He returned to settle in 'Solar' Sonoma County with his wife Camille Armstrong in 2010, with whom he actively advocates for and recreates in public lands at the regional, state and federal wilderness levels.

Geoffrey can now be reached at his full-time bicycle business, Folding Bike Shop.