MacGarva residence (Santa Rosa, CA)

Installed  6.5 kW solar system with Sharp 230 panels and Enphase Micro inverters on comp roof. SCEIP Financing.



“Solar Universe, did a great job installing the system in only four days. I funded the installation through the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP) along with State and Federal rebates. I just received my first PG&E bill for November and my power bill was down from $335 per month to $25, a savings of $310. This is a $20 savings over my property tax increase of $290 a month which is how I make repayment on my SCEIP loan over time. With the rebates and the SCEIP funding I was actually able to put some money in my pocket (!) and save on my monthly bills. In addition, I am able to view my systems performance on a daily basis over the internet using Enlighten from Enphase “

Denkin residence (Sonoma, CA)

Installed 9.0 kW ground mount solar system with Suntech 225 panels and Enphase Micro inverters, using SCEIP financing.

Net Investment Summary

Old PG&E Bill $392.63

New PG&E Bill -$30.38

Gross System Cost $55,653.60

State/Utility Rebate -$2,556.00

30% Federal Tax Credit -$15,929.28

Net System Investment $37,168.32


Enviromental Impact (25 years)

Tons of Carbon: 528,123

Miles Not Driven: 858,199

Acres of Trees: 9,665