Houlemard residence goes Solar and $1,000 goes to Analy High School


Dominic and Ellen Houlemard were seeing their electrical costs continue to increase.  Their monthly bills were consistent, except in the dead of winter, when heating and an active wood shop created higher usage.  Their main home did not offer the correct exposures for solar, but their garage and granny unit were perfect.   Due to some shading issues, different tilt angles, and the customers desire for performance monitoring, 24 new Enphase Energy M215 inverters were selected.  Hooked to each inverter were Sharp 240 panels.  All 24 panels point west, providing excellent summer production and a perfect system for time of use metering.


With most investments barely holding their own, and interest rates at an all time low, Dominic saw the benefits of fixing their energy costs, while getting over a 10% return on their money with solar.  Having sons in Analy High School sports programs, they also liked that a $1,000 donation was made on their behalf from Synergy to the Athletic Program.   With 5 months of being on the system, Synergy’s projections are right on, with the biggest usage months behind us, and the sunny summer months still on the way.


~System Overview ~


Location: – Sebastopol, CA


System Size: - 5.76 KW DC


Modules Used: - 24 Sharp 240 watt modules.


Inverters: - 24 Enphase Energy M215, 215-watt inverters, and Enlighten Performance Monitoring.


Racking System: - Iron Ridge roof racking, 16 flush mount, 8 tilted to 9 degrees.




  • Over a 10% return on investment
  • Fixed Electrical Costs - PG&E has averaged a 6% annual increase.
  • Donation to Analy High – Synergy made a $1,000 donation to Analy High School.
  • Helping to protect the Environment – The Houlemard’s system will eliminate 5 tons of CO2 from the environment annually, 150 tons over the life of the system.
  • Correctly Sized system by Synergy – The system was correctly sized to zero out the Houlemard’s electric bill and with their biggest usage months behind them the system is performing better then expected.