The Unbelievable Lies Said About Global Warming

There is no better time to prove that global warming is real than today when the temperatures are erratic, leading to natural disasters. It is a problem that poses a danger to the environment and human lives.
It is unbelievable how people could come up with ideas to prove that global warming is a hoax. Here are some of the most absurd notions that have come up about the topic:

According to non-believers, the lifespan of humans today remains the same as the lifespan of their ancestors. This is due to humans’ ability to adapt despite the problems the earth is facing. Despite the effects of global …

The Relation Between Global Warming and Landfills

The problem with wastes is that they don’t magically disappear once you have disposed of them. Instead, most of them end up in landfills that cause the production of greenhouse gases and methane that contribute to global warming.
How do landfills contribute to global warming?

Landfills produce methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide by up to 72 times. Without oxygen, trash is stored in the landfill to decompose slowly with the help of the …

Making College Paper about Global Warming

Global warming makes a good topic in creating a college paper, especially during these times when climate change can be felt around the globe. It is irreversible and causes serious effects that impact the lives of humans and cause high levels of concern for environmentalists and biologists.
In writing your paper, you must focus on the causes and present more information on how people could help prevent the problem from getting worse. To date, environmentalists and scientists are finding out …

Defining Melting Glaciers

Glaciers form in places with exceedingly low temperatures, like the mountain tops with high altitudes or areas at sea level. While it’s usual for glaciers to melt slowly, it becomes harmful and can cause damaging effects if it happens too fast.
Melting glaciers pertain to the ice changing its form from solid to liquid. The process happens as heat changes and becomes faster when the temperatures become relatively high.

Explaining Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases refer to the types of gases capable of absorbing infrared radiation and emitting back thermal radiation. These gases can trap heat in the atmosphere, hence the term, greenhouse effect.
Here are the sources of greenhouse gases:
It’s a naturally occurring gas and is created when organic materials decompose underground. It is now commonly used in cooking, heating, and as a fuel. The problem started when more methane got burned due to the increase in …