Do you ever fancy having a vertical garden? Aside from the aesthetics, it offers many more benefits, especially to homeowners without sufficient space to grow plants.

Vertical gardening, as the term suggests, is a planting technique where you grow vegetables or plants on a vertically suspended panel. It’s more environmentally friendly than using plastic pots; plus, it consumes less space.

Here are some of the benefits of having this kind of garden:

  1. It’s a good stress reliever. Gardening, in general, is known to alleviate stress. Vertical gardening can also do the same, especially when you look at what you have achieved despite the absence of space for a natural garden.
  2. This kind of garden is easier to maintain. The technique protects the plants from damaging factors. You can also skip minding the usual problems that dwell in the ground, including fungus, soilborne disease, weeds, and pests.
  3. It is safer since it cannot be reached easily by animals or other humans.
  4. It looks pleasing to the eyes and makes your place look unique and far from being redundant.
  5. It adds privacy to your space. You can place it outside of your windows to prevent prying eyes from peeking.

Vertical gardening is also called different terms, including live walls, moss walls, or green walls. You can make a vertical garden as big as 70 feet wide or as small as a picture frame.

In planning for this kind of garden, you must consider these three essential factors – space available, environment, and your goal.

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