Along with the continuous rise of the popularity of solar energy comes many ideas on how to make your home greener and maximize the natural energy coming from the sun. Green homes are good news to environment-loving people since they mean lesser carbon imprints at homes. They also cut your total electric bills and make you qualified for tax incentives.

How does solar-powered energy work? The solar panels installed at your rooftop convert the sun’s energy into electricity you can use to power your appliances and lights. If you have solar batteries, they will store solar energy during the day and convert it into electricity that you can use at night.

Suppose you still don’t have the budget for the complete solar panels with batteries installed. In that case, you can still go green by using smaller devices and appliances that also derive energy from the sun.

Here are some of the green living items you can consider looking into:


You will find many vendors selling solar-powered chargers you can use for tablets or cell phones. The more and the bigger the solar panels on a charger, the more energy it can store that you can use in charging your devices.

These chargers come with a variety of specifications. There are some types with a suction that you can stick to your window while charging. Some devices come with a compass or flashlight. You can also get the kind capable of USB backup, which you can use during rainy or cloudy days.


Solar-powered outdoor lighting devices have been around for some time. Most of them can be easily mounted on fences, walls, or stuck to the ground. You can also get solar-powered string lights that will give a festive vibe to your backyard.

Certain companies start to develop indoor lights that utilize solar energy with backup power sources, such as USB and batteries.

Security cameras

Solar-powered cameras intended for security purposes are now available in a variety of sizes and features. Some of the most popular features for this kind of product include facial recognition, video storage options, motion detection, and night vision.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you decide to buy, ensure that they are compatible with the space where you will install them or with the devices you intend to charge using the items.

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