According to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, sustainable tourism pertains to the kind of tourism that considers the needs of the host communities, environment, industry, and visitors. This is done by taking complete account of the environmental, social, and economic impacts at the moment and in the future.

This kind of tourism values the authenticity of the socio-cultural aspect of the host communities.

Here are some practical ideas on how to promote sustainable tourism:

  1. Walk whenever you can. Walking is a good form of exercise, and it is also effective in reducing your carbon footprint. When exploring foreign places, you can ask the help of a travel guide to get you to sights you can reach without riding a vehicle.
  2. Join the fight against illegal trade. You can do this without getting involved in drastic actions by boycotting businesses known to be involved in illegal trade. Illegal trades include artifacts’ looting and human exploitation, especially children.
  3. Purchase souvenirs from local stores. Buy handcrafted items and other mementos from local shops that make them. Avoid buying anything that you would likely end up throwing away. Instead, you can invest in good textiles, art, and ceramics. Aside from acquiring something with value, you will also help in boosting the local economy and appreciating their handicraft.

As much as possible, try to experience the life of the locals when you visit a new place. Check out their local cuisines and find out more about their lives and way of living.

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