Aside from growing plants or vegetables, gardening helps alleviate stress, exercise your body, and adds beauty to the place. As years go by, rooftop gardens are becoming popular in commercial, industrial, and residential structures.

In addition, it has become a trend in achieving environmental sustainability by placing artificial green spaces on the rooftop.

Here’s a look at the top benefits of having rooftop gardens:

They make the space cooler.

The gardens absorb most of the sun’s heat, making it easier to control the building’s temperature.

You can grow crops, such as fruits and vegetables.

Since the space gets sufficient heat, you won’t find it hard to grow crops at your rooftop gardens. You only have to devise self-watering methods to supply moisture to the plants, especially when it doesn’t rain for a long time. This will allow you to grow organic and healthy crops without using chemicals and pesticides.

They help in managing stormwater.

The gardens collect rainwater and filter them as well. This way, the water won’t go directly to the ground or enter the drainage systems, leading to the flooding of polluted water. Instead, the garden naturally manages stormwater, which helps the plants grow instead of causing instant flooding to the ground.

The gardens help in enhancing air quality.

They filter air pollutants and reduce gases and air particles. These gardens also help decrease the emission of greenhouse gases and reduce dust accumulation in the air.

You can place this kind of garden anywhere you want to make room for a play area, give shade, or provide shelter.

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