The County is one of the state leaders in the development and implementation of energy efficiency, renewable generation, and greenhouse gas (GHG) management.  The County completed its Climate Protection Action Plan in June of 2006, with the goal of reducing County GHG emissions by 20%, or 7,000 eTons, by 2010.  The County is in the process of implementing its Comprehensive Energy Project (CEP) that focuses on energy efficiency and renewable generation strategies.  The CEP includes:

  • A 1.4 MW fuel cell with heat recovery
  • Four new chillers, chilled water re-piping, and new control sequence
  • New cooling towers
  • Modified operation of the thermal energy storage system
  • New pumps and VFDs
  • New condensing boiler and boiler controls
  • New energy management system
  • Lighting retrofits
  • 750 kW solar installation
  • County wide water conservation
  • Laundry system wastewater recovery

Team Responsibility

The team was responsible for leading the County through the entire process, from the development of the Climate Protection Action Plan through the construction of the final CEP.

Completed to Date:

  • Ensuring the County understood GHG issues and possible reduction strategies.
  • Authoring the Climate Protection Action Plan
  • Developing an initial list of GHG reduction strategies
  • Developing financial proforma demonstrating the economic feasibility
  • Contractor selection
  • PEER review of contractor project proposal

In Process:

  • Development of the Measurement and Verification Plan
  • Analysis of project savings and the relationship with different ARRA funding mechanisms
  • Project support on a 750 kW PV system at the County Juvenile Justice Center
  • Punch list inspections of project components

 Contact Reference

John Haig

Energy and Sustainability Manager

General Services

County of Sonoma

2300 County Center Drive, A200

Santa Rosa, CA  94503