Solar House Parties

Come learn how you can Go Solar at your home or business!  Join us at a Solar House Party in your neighborhood, hosted by a home or business owner like you. There you will learn first-hand how a rooftop solar system can lower monthly utility costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help you achieve energy independence in your own home!  Here's how:
The Host: A homeowner like you who recently installed a rooftop solar system. You'll be welcomed into their home to see how 'going solar' has changed their life. We also invite homeowners who are considering rooftop solar to host parties for their neighbors. Start a solar movement in your neighborhood!
Solar  House Party

What you'll see: A real rooftop solar system in full operation. See the solar modules
rooftop solar installation
(panels), the inverters, the wiring... If you're there in the day-time, you'll even see the meter run 'backwards' as the system makes free energy from the sun!

What you'll do: We talk about how rooftop solar works, how to make it happen, financing options, and how to engage with the local solar contractor community.

Who you'll meet: Friends, neighbors and your Solar Sonoma County 'Clean Energy Advocate' Geoffrey Smith.  You will *not* meet any professional solar installers, because they are not invited -- this event is for you the solar customer.  Only you.
Solar House Party

What you'll eat: Light refreshments and beverages, coffee on a Saturday morning
Solar House Party

When will this party be?  Depending on the party host's desires, the event will run from 1 - 2 hours, either early evening or weekend.

What else? You'll make new friends, and meet old neighbors. You might learn something about rooftop solar, electric vehicle charging, and 'fuel-switching' your home to electricity that could change your life.

Q & A:  Bring your questions about technology, financing, energy rates and we'll provide the answers. Most importantly, you'll benefit from the experiences of friends and neighbors who are making the move to a low-carbon, inexpensive, solar energy economy!

Interested in coming to a party?  Contact us to learn about our next Solar House Party, or to throw your own!

Recent and Upcoming Solar House Parties

October 15, Saturday morning, Santa Rosa (Junior College neighborhood) DONE!
December 10, Saturday morning, Santa Rosa (Castle Rock neighborhood) DONE!
March 12, Sunday afternoon, Rohnert Park (Neighborhood 'H') DONE!
April 28, Friday, 5:30 pm, Ridgway neighborhood of Santa Rosa

Host information (access permission required):

Solar House Party Invitation Template - Use this template to craft your own party invitation to distribute to your neighbors, family and friends. Open, then download as a Word or RTF document that you can edit on your PC. We can also prepare a custom invite for you when we talk.

Sample Solar House Party Program - The typical house party is about 1 hour long. This sample program has timing marks to keep us on track