What is Solar PLUS?

Your decision to go solar is just the beginning of what will be a long association with a wide range of technologies, collectively known as Distributed Energy Resources (DER), or what we call Solar PLUS. Opportunities abound for home and business owners to embrace solar electricity as a fuel source, and for service providers to meet the needs of an ever more sophisticated buying public. 

Click here to access "Driving Strategic Technology Adoption with Solar + Homes," a thorough report from Clean Power Research detailing Solar PLUS design features.

No longer merely solar, Think Solar PLUS.

Distributed Generation

Electricity generation today is rapidly moving from a centralized system - think coal, gas, nuclear power plants - to one that is decentralized - think YOUR HOUSE! You can be a part of this revolution...

Fuel Switching: EVs and Appliances

Take full advantage of your new rooftop solar energy source! You'll want to convert your existing fossil-fueled devices from carbon sources -- wood, natural gas, propane gas, gasoline -- to clean, 100% greenhouse gas-free electricity...


You can't make solar energy when the sun's not shining. You'll need a way to store that clean energy. That's where advanced battery technologies come in. You can install systems today that can store your solar energy for later use...