Solar Vendor & Business Member Portal

Solar Sonoma County logoGreetings Solar Vendor! We support -- and are supported by -- a vibrant community of solar vendors and members. Together, we are helping achieve the goal of climate sustainability. This page is your portal to involvement and information to support your work as a solar professional.

"SSC has benefitted my company by providing vetted leads where I am only competing with local installers known for quality and solid business ethics.  It's also helpful to me to drop SSC's name when I know a client is shopping.  SSC provides great advocacy and helps me compete on a higher level."
Barry Cogbill
Pathways Energy

Solar Vendor Community Forum

We keep in touch through ongoing discussions on our Google Groups forum. All Qualified Vendors and Business for Clean Energy Solar Members are eligible to participate.  

Quarterly Solar Vendor Meetings

Collaboration and learning are hallmarks of our program. We meet quarterly as a group to discuss relevant issues, share concerns, and learn from each other and our guest speakers. The meetings are open to all Qualified Solar Vendors and Business for Clean Energy Solar Members. Guests are welcome to attend one meeting to see what we're all about.

Quarterly meetings:
5 - 7 pm, usually Wednesdays
Email for next meeting info.
Date and location and agenda are provided via email prior to the meeting

Solar Calendar
Refer to this shared calendar for current information about upcoming meetings and events. You can link this calendar to your personal Google calendar profile, to keep all of this information handy.

Solar Calendar

Qualified Vendor Program

Vendors are invited to participate in our Qualified Vendor Program (QVP).  

Benefits include:
  • Receive pre-qualified leads from home and business owners
  • Invitations to quarterly Vendor Meetings
  • Membership in Business for Clean Energy
  • Increased exposure for your business
  • Increased consumer confidence in your business through our vetted vendor process
Contact us now to start the process of becoming a Solar Sonoma County Qualified Vendor. Email or call 707-654-4350.
"We at Sun Solar Electric Inc have been delighted with our choice in joining Solar Sonoma County/ Center for Climate Protection! It has been an enriching experience to sit at a common table and share important information and feedback with our professional peersin the local community, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie amongst friendly competitors. SSC has also proven to be a good source for truly qualified leads, fairly distributed, and showing its members in the trusted contextof being active participants in the local community.Being part of SSC is a valuable membership for any dedicated Solar-related business in the North bay Area."

Steven Bernard
Sales & Marketing Director
Sun Solar Electric

"Solar Sonoma County is a wonderful non-profit. They are beneficial to the community, and to the local businesses in the energy industry.  Pure Power Solutions has been a member of the Qualified Vendor Program for 6 years now, and we have received dozens of quality leads from the program.  Geoffrey and his team do an outstanding job of bringing the various solar vendors of Northern California together for the common goal of increasing solar and overall sustainability in the region."

Katie Modell
Project and Procurement Coordinator
Pure Power Solutions

Business for Clean Energy Solar Member

Business for Clean Energy (BCE) is an association of businesses that advance action to transition to a clean energy economy. Better coordination can help companies take advantage of opportunities for clean energy development, and action is needed on the climate crisis to avoid devastating impacts to the economy. Members share best practices and advocate for policies that clear the way for clean energy. Business for Clean Energy Solar Members have particular focus on the solar industry.